The Gathering Christian Church

A Missional FAMILY in christ

Re-establish Jesus' Original Intent for a Church Family 

From time to time its important to erase the whiteboard and ensure that our actions are built on a biblical foundation. How are we spending the little time we have been given? How should we correct ourselves in obedience to God?

Our faith community welcomes you and your family. Join us Sunday to worship, pray and learn together.

Discover what Jesus intended for us within the family of faith through an organic church fellowship.

Pursue Maturing Faith

Disciple Families

Impact our Community

Community Service

Home groups determine how to engage the community in service. Our goal is to demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways.


Fostering spiritual formation, leading families to disciple and minister, owning Jesus' mission and expanding the kingdom.

Sunday Worship

We welcome all at Paynes Auction Gallery on 211 in Amissville. We start at 9am with meet and greet, praise and worship. Casual dress.

Come as you are and worship Sundays, mid-week studies

Home Groups

Our home groups provide opportunities for personal growth, fellowship and Bible study.  Several studies are available.